80+ story writing for JSC, SSC & HSC

80+ Story Writing for JSC, SSC & HSC

পরীক্ষায় কল্পিত (imaginary) কিংবা পরিচিত (well-known) কোন situation বা গল্পের শুরুর অংশ দেয়া থাকবে। প্রদত্ত পরিস্থিতির subject, environment ও ভাষাগত অবস্থার (style of language) সঙ্গে সঙ্গতি রেখে যুক্তিসঙ্গত উপায়ে গল্পটি সমাপ্ত করতে হবে। গল্পটি সমাপ্ত করার ক্ষেত্রে গল্পের বিষয়ের উপর ভিত্তি করে ধারা অনুযায়ী প্রয়োজনে Para/অনুচ্ছেদ আকারে উত্তরটি সমাপ্ত করতে হবে। গল্পের বিষয় অনুযায়ী আয়তন …

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metro rail paragraph jpg

Metro Rail Paragraph

Metro Rail Bangladesh is a groundbreaking and transformative initiative aimed at modernizing the country’s urban transportation landscape. The requirement for effective and sustainable mass transit systems has grown with the rapid urbanization and population growth. The Bangladeshi government has started an ambitious project to build metro rail networks in major cities, starting with the nation’s …

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road accident jpg

Road Accident Paragraph

Road accidents continue to be a distressing and persistent problem that has a severe negative impact on society, leading to fatalities, serious injuries, and high financial costs. These incidents highlight the urgent need for all-encompassing road safety measures because they frequently result from a combination of human error, poor road infrastructure, and vehicular factors. Road …

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Environment Pollution Paragraph

Environment / Environmental Pollution Paragraph

Environmental pollution stands as one of the most pressing challenges of our time, jeopardizing the delicate equilibrium of the planet and endangering both human and ecological well-being. This pervasive issue encompasses various forms of contamination, including air, water, soil, and noise pollution, each of which exacts a heavy toll on the environment and human health. …

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drug addiction jpg

Drug Addiction Paragraph

Drug addiction is a pervasive problem that affects people, families, and communities all over the world. It affects people from all ages, socioeconomic backgrounds, and walks of life. It transcends socioeconomic boundaries. Drug addiction is fundamentally characterized by an overwhelming, compulsive urge to use drugs despite the negative effects. Drug abuse frequently starts out innocently, …

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